Community Services

2018 Banquet – Healing Brokenness

Click here to watch the March 8 presentation from the Banquet titled: Second Chances – Healing Brokenness.

Water Project

HHGM is currently working with the water subcommittee of the Homelessness Coalition to try to solve the lack of laundry and showers for the homeless and marginalized in our area.

view presentation here

Clients in Crisis

July 11, 2017 a 90 minute training was offered to the community on how to deal with clients in crisis.  Speakers included Kasie Borchardt, Wisconsin Rapids Police Department; Katie Czys, Wood County Human Services; and Kristi Ahrens, Stevens Point Police Department.  Watch our calendar for future training opportunities.

Depression Seminar

October 20, 2016 Helping Hands brought Dr. Gary H. Lovejoy to Wisconsin Rapids to share the topic of depression in regard to addiction.   If pain is an indicator that something is wrong with our body, then what if depression were also a warning sign.  Author of Light in the Darkness: Finding Hope in the Shadow of Depression, Dr. Lovejoy brought over 30 years experience as a professor of psychology and of religion, as well as 38 years of private practice.  The four sessions are found below.

First Session:  “What is Depression?”   

Second Session: “Causes of Endogenous Depression”

Third Session: “Causes of Exogenous Depression”

Fourth Session:  “What about Suicide?”