Helping Hands Gospel Mission (HHGM) takes a unique approach to helping the homeless or near-homeless.  We try to get to the cause of the situation and work with the client to resolve the issues that led to their state of desperation.  We work with other agencies and programs in the community and have expectations of our clients.  Those who choose the help we offer find their lives changed.

We have a reputation of giving second chances to people, but they also work hard to earn that second chance.  We try to introduce them to the tools they need to live fulfilling, independent lives.  We often see a change in their personalities as the stress of not having basic shelter for their family change as they learn self-sufficiency.

Because each case is unique, our “plan” is tailored and determined with the individual client.  We also make the commitment of walking with them through the journey of change as long as it takes (on average 4-8 months.)  This often includes teaching extended family how to help and break free of the years of enabling, which may have contributed to the situation.

People looking for a quick fix, or open checkbook will not appreciate the services we offer.  We most often receive referrals from agencies, family members, and churches getting requests for help.  We try to work with them all, building a support base for the long term.

What we do