“…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”
– Matthew 25:40

Helping Hands Gospel Mission’s (HHGM) primary concern is for homelessness in Wood County, Wisconsin. We are a Christ-centered non-profit and work with our clients to achieve independence and self-sufficiency in their lives.

God has given us a passion for helping people who find themselves in difficult situations, whether they are jobless, homeless or going through a rough time. We are committed to doing what it takes and working with clients as long as necessary to get them on their feet.  (See our Philosophy of Care statement.)

Bridging the Gap

HHGM does its best to remove barriers those in poverty face.  Whether working with others in the community to develop programs, or helping our clients find the tools they need, we are committed to our clients.  (See Services.)

We Believe in Second Chances

More and more we are getting calls from people who say they have heard that we believe in giving people second chances…and we do. But those “chances” come with strings. People need to know that they have to earn those chances. Most of the time it’s the decisions from our past which create our current circumstances. So whether you got an education and worked hard, or chose the path of crime or dependency on others, where you are today is likely due to choices from your past. We are willing to try to help you start to make better choices and direct you to positive opportunities. This type of help will begin to change your circumstances because they are a direct result of better choices. Oh, sure, we could “help” you in the traditional sense. We’d rather give you the skills to help yourself for the long term. Are you ready to make the changes necessary for a second chance? Then call us at 715-451-5262 today!